Is this thing still on?

Well, it’s been a busy few… well, almost year since I last posted.  Much has changed in some respects, little has in others.

The big thing that’s changed:

After a (very) brief stint working for an ILS vendor, I’m off to the hallowed halls of UWA, where I’ll be a senior library officer with a focus on online learning.  I’m alternatively hugely excited and utterly terrified.  Excited, because new online technologies and tools fascinate me, and the job plays to both of my primary fields of interest; terrified because I’ve never worked in an academic library before and do not actually have my degree yet, and there’s a little voice in the back of my head saying “you’re going to be hideously out of your depth”.  Eep.

Oh, I also attended the unconference back in August, which was fun.  I went to several panels, all of which were interesting.  I also ended up leading a workshop on library website design, which proved to be rather popular.  I may run it again, or an actual ‘how to build a site in five easy steps and twenty hard ones’ next year.  I also led a discussion on internet censorship.  This very neatly brings me to my next point.

The big thing that hasn’t changed:

Our beloved Labor overlords are continuing with their utterly misguided attempts to censor internet in Australia.  It’s finally starting to get some mainstream media attention, which is good.  It’s about to go into live trials, which is bad.  It’s also no longer opt out, which is even worse.  The situation is dire enough that it’s prompted me to become truly politically active for the first time in my life; Monday, a FOI request goes into the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy to try to get some info.  I’m not entirely optimistic; getting info to date has been rather akin to getting blood from a stone.  We shall see, I suppose.  We shall see.

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