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My name is Amy Hightower. I’m a dual US and Australian citizen who studies Librarianship and Corporate Information Management part-time at Curtin University in Western Australia. Previously I have studied Information Systems, Marketing, Mulitmedia and English at Murdoch University, but only in a rather half-hearted way and hence am in my mid-20s with no degree and a staggering HECS debt.  I’m killing time waiting for graduation and my world domination plots to come to fruition by working as a clerk in a mid-sized public library system, where one of my many fuctions is that of Utterly Hamstrung Webmaster.  I also do ILLs.  I am a geek, a gamer and a (recovering) fangirl. I like comics, cartoons, sci-fi and things that go ‘boom’.  I’m also impatient, deeply cynical, highly opinionated and not nearly as well-read as I should be.

Published on March 22, 2007 at 7:20 am  Leave a Comment  

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